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Glazing Glass
Glass has come a long way from the traditional single glazed options available, today there are a variety of options available to you.


Single Glazing

Single glazing, also known as a single-pane windows, uses just one piece of glass and is becoming less common due to the improved energy efficiency of its counter parts and are less effective at filtering out noise.

Single Glazing
Double Glazing

Double Glazing

Using two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar and air space within an opening to improve insulation against heat transfer and sound transmission.

Dual-pane also known as Double Glazed windows are the most common energy efficient glazing type on the market today.

Triple Glazing

Arguably the most energy efficient glass unit, using three panes of glass separated by spacer bars creating two insulated air gaps which slows down thermal transfer through the unit.

Triple Glazing
Annealed Glass : Clear Glass

Annealed Glass / Clear Glass

Annealed also known as clear glass is transparent without any tints or additional coatings, available in a variety of thickness from 2mm picture glass, 3mm greenhouse glass, 4mm onwards.

Tempered / Toughened Glass

Tempered / Toughened glass has been treated with heat and or chemicals then cooled rapidly to make it up to four times stronger than its annealed counterpart of the same thickness. When broken it does not breaks into small particles without sharp edges, helping to keep the home secure and reduce the risk of injury.

Tempered : Toughened Glass
Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered and can be used for safety and security, this type of glass also has sound reduction properties. If broken, the fragments will tend to adhere to it’s plastic (PVB) interlayer and remain largely intact, reducing the risk of injury or break-ins; it also assists in volatile weather by remaining in its frame.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass is textured glass that allows light into a room whilst providing privacy. Available in a multitude of designs and a variety of privacy levels allowing you to express your individual style within your home; whether its vintage, traditional or contemporary Esk Glazing Limited has the glass to suit.

Privacy Levels range from level one up to level five.

Minster Glass
Splashbacks 01


Painted Glass Splashbacks are continuing to be a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, they provide a modern appearance and practicality when cleaning.

Available in a wide range of colours splashbacks can assist in the appearance of your home.

Fire Rated Safety Glass

Fire Rated Glass also known as Fire Resistant Glass acts as a barrier to help prevent the flames and smoke caused by a fire. Available in varying degrees of protection it can assist in saving lives. Building Regulations specify where it must be used.

The glass comprises of multiple layers of toughened glass with intumescent interlayers, the two most popular options are polished wired glass (Georgian Wire) and Pyroguard.

Fire Safety
Bathroom Mirror


Mirrors offer a unique way of creating an illusion of space within you or home, great to use in a small room.  Mirrors provide a reflective surface for light to bounce off assisting in reflecting your individuality and style.

Generally supplied in 4mm or 6mm thickness mirrors can be safety backed or for wet areas they can be foiled backed with silvering protection.

Esk Glazing Limited can offer both bespoke mirror specifications and solutions that are right for you.

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We offer an impressive range of styles and materials to help reflect your company’s personality and vision.

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