Windows are a dynamic and prominent feature of the home and helps to display its character, creating a first impression for visitors whilst playing a key role in weather-proofing, insulating and securing the home.


If you are looking to give your property an upgrade with low maintenance products, help reduce energy bills replacing your existing windows with pvc windows is one of the best-value home improvements you can consider.

You can improve energy efficiency, kerb appeal and the security of your home.

Whether you are inspired by the traditional or contemporary PVC windows can assist in achieving this makeover.

Esk Glazing Limited also have a range of timber windows if you wish to maintain a rustic feel and approach to your home improvements, allowing you the chance to paint in any colour your heart desires.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a perfect ‘picture’ window for any home, whilst extending the body of your home, they can allow maximum light with the additional glass panels catching the light.


Casement Windows

Casement windows are single or double panelled windows that are secure and can be top / side hung.

A casement window can offer an elegant & well- proportioned look to your home; offering clean, modern lines or opt for a more traditional feels such as astricals and Georgian bars.

Esk Glazing Limited will tailor the design to a configuration of your choosing.

Flush Casement Windows

Flush casement windows offer the aesthetics of a pre-1932 timber window but with 21st century thermal benefits.

Offering both contemporary and traditional looks, flush sash windows can be foiled to have a woodgrain appearance.

They are ideal in conservation areas or where the need to replicate timber is a must.

You can also retain a modern appearance with a smooth finish, ideal for updating your existing home.

Flush Casement Windows
Fully Reversible Windows

Reversible Windows

Fully Reversible windows are about practicality as the opening sash can be turned completely inside out, allowing full access to cleaning the exterior but without causing intrusion into the home, allowing ventilation to flow through the home.

Sash & Case Windows

The Sash & Case window is among the most recognised window styles throughout the UK, widely specified and used within conservation areas.

The windows are designed with two glazed framed components and the ‘sash’ slides up and down in a vertical motion.

Sashes can be counterbalanced by the traditional cord and weights or the spiral balances, today a sash and case window offers the traditional heritage feel with amazing technology.

For easy cleaning the sash tilts inwards.

Secondary Glazed Windows

Secondary Glazed Windows

Secondary Glazing is unique as there is no reason to change your existing windows, the windows are discreet and an effective way to enhance your home security.

With added benefits of up to 80% sound reduction and improves thermal efficiency within your home. They are also easy to clean.

Tilt & Turn Windows

The most versatile window within the Esk Glazing Limited range is the Tilt & Turn, it is primarily two windows in one.

The tilt operation is ideal for secure ventilation and to keep children and pets safe, whereas the turn function means they can be opened full inwards for easy cleaning – all whilst providing an attractive, flexible and practical window solution that will complement any style of property.

Externally we offer two types of frame the beveled or curved option.

Tilt Windows
Velux Windows

Velux Windows

If you want more light in your home a Velux window allows you to achieve this through a skylight, adding additional light and fresh air amplifying the space within your home.

Available in a variety of colours and styles they are perfect for small spaces.

Why Businesses Choose windows from ESK Glazing

As a business, you need to make a memorable first impression.

What better time to impress your clients than the very second they enter the building?

Esk Glazing Limited supply and install high quality windows to help your business make a statement while staying secure.

Esk Glazing Limited offer an impressive range of styles and materials to help reflect your company’s personality and vision.

Who do we work with?

At Esk Glazing Limited we are proud to work with a huge range of commercial and public sector partners, including:

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Both commercial and domestic clients are welcome to speak with our expert design consultants, explore our many samples, and view our ranges.

It’s the perfect way to get inspired for your project and discover all of the possibilities for your home or business needs.

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