Improve the exterior of your property with a balcony, decking, patio, sunroom, replacement roof or renovated roofline, ready for the Spring.

Do you dream about what your home could look like with some much-needed improvements? Have you pictured yourself relaxing in the sun next Summer on a new deck, patio or balcony?

Or maybe you’ve been worrying about how weather-proof and energy efficient your roof will be this winter. Now is the perfect time to address those concerns before the worst of the weather is here.

Making improvements to the exterior of your property is a fantastic way to increase not only the enjoyment of your home but also its uniqueness and overall value.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the improvements and repairs you can make to your home’s exterior.


Who doesn’t love a balcony? Aside from people who have a fear of heights, most of us love to sit up on a balcony and take in the views around us.

Balcony with glass balustrade

Even if your property doesn’t benefit from jaw-dropping views, a balcony still has many benefits:

  • Balconies can be added to many different kinds of homes, including older properties, new builds, and flats
  • Balconies give you the feeling of an extra room added to your property
  • Balconies add a unique touch to your home (you’ll be the envy of the neighbours!)
  • Balconies are a great talking point and meeting place for friends and family
  • Balconies are more affordable than conservatories
  • Balconies add value to your property and will help your home stand out in the property market should you ever come to sell it

Juliet balconies

Juliet balconies were originally designed primarily as lookout points. They get their name from the Shakespeare character who spoke down to Romeo from her bedroom window.

These small but perfectly formed balconies are ideal if you want a comfortable place to sit inside with the French doors open and enjoy the view across the garden.

A glass panel Juliet balcony will help give your home a contemporary feel and let you see everything below you while you have the doors wide open.

Walkout balconies

As the name suggests, a walkout balcony lets you step outside and enjoy some fresh air and a 180-degree view around you.

Walkout balconies can come in a variety of sizes. They are popular with people who like to entertain, want to add more space to their property, or simply like a nice place to sit on a warm day.

Adding glass panels to your walkout balcony will let you sit outside and enjoy the view all around you without anything getting in the way of your view.

Add a glass balustrade to your balcony

With some balcony designs, your view can be hampered by the structural elements of the balcony, including panelling that doesn’t let light through.

By adding a glass balustrade to your existing balcony – or a new balcony – you benefit from unimpeded views, plenty of light, and a sleek design that can complement many different styles of architecture.

Learn more about glass balustrading for balconies.


Decking is so popular with homeowners because it provides a beautiful extension to their property and enhances any garden. Decking can transform a plain and impractical outdoor space into a welcoming and practical garden.

Attractive decking with glass balustrade

Decking is especially beneficial during the warmer months but can be used all year round with the addition of heaters. Here are just some of the many benefits of decking:

  • You are effectively adding an extra room outside your home
  • You can choose from a mix of different timbers for a wooden deck or achieve a contemporary look with a composite deck (a mix of wood and recycled plastic)
  • Composite decking is very hard-wearing and low maintenance
  • Decking can be designed to fit the available space you have – there is no set size or shape
  • Adding a balustrade to your decking area can change the dynamic of your garden design, helping you achieve the look you want

Add a glass balustrade to your decking

A glass balustrade not only visibly enhances your decking and provides a safe surround, but it also helps your deck area feel and appear to be much bigger and more open. Plus, the glass will complement many different kinds of wood, from light to dark stains.

Glass is easy to maintain too. Simply wash with warm soapy water, rinse well and then wipe dry. A glass balustrade means there is less wood to maintain than if you go for traditional wooden spindles.

Learn more about balustrades for decks.


Adding a patio to your garden provides a place to entertain or space to simply sit back and relax. Like decking, a patio can be used all year round with the addition of heaters, but you will appreciate it most in the summer.

Patio with glass balustrade

The benefits of a patio in your garden include:

  • Patios are a cost-effective way to make the most of your home’s outdoor space
  • You have a wide choice of materials, including sandstone, slate and even porcelain
  • You can get creative when choosing a patio pattern – an opportunity to add a unique touch to your property in your own style
  • Patios can be designed to fit the available space you have
  • Adding a balustrade to your patio area adds a modern touch to an often traditional feature

Add a glass balustrade to your patio

You can add a glass balustrade around a part or all of your patio. This encloses the patio area making it feel more like a room without blocking your view into other parts of your garden or blocking out any light.

Learn more about balustrading for patios.

Roof and roofline

This is the ideal time of the year to get your roof sorted, whether that’s getting some improvements done or a complete replacement.

Roof and roofline improvements

If your roof is looking a bit worse for wear but isn’t old enough to completely replace it, take the chance to make some visual improvements. Cleaning away moss and dirt and replacing damaged tiles will noticeably improve one of the main features of your home’s exterior.

Your roofline means your home’s fascias, guttering, cladding, dry verge and other parts that make up the profile of your roof. The roofline is one of the most vulnerable parts of a home as it’s constantly exposed to Scotland’s changing weather conditions.

A replacement roofline will enhance your property’s appearance as well as adding value to your home. A PVC-u roofline is an ideal replacement as it will never rot and will never need painting, unlike wood.

Learn more about roofline improvements.

Replacing your roof

If you think your roof is over 20 years old, it will be less energy-efficient than it used to be and significantly less efficient than a modern replacement.


Here are some signs you might need to replace your roof:

  • Water damage and attic leaks
  • Mould and moss growth
  • Multiple loose or missing tiles
  • Sagging
  • Damaged flashing (the material placed around objects that protrude from roofs such as the vents)
  • Debris in the gutters (pieces of asphalt shingles or sand-like granules)

If you are concerned about the state of your roof and think you may need a replacement, please get in touch with our team.

Conservatories and sunrooms

From their eye-catching aesthetics to the increased living space they offer, conservatories have many benefits. However, in the warmer months, they can often be too hot to enjoy. And they can often be too cold in the winter months too.

Converting your conservatory

If you love the additional interior space that your conservatory gives you but want it to feel more part of your garden, consider converting it into a full glass sunroom. A glass sunroom with an extra lightweight tiled roof system is usable all year round, maintaining a perfect temperature in both the colder and warmer months.

Why an extra lightweight roof? Because it has a low U-value. The U-value of a window is a measurement of the rate of heat loss, indicating how well your windows retain valuable heat – the lower the U-value, the better the thermal performance of the glass.

For example, the U-value of our innovative roof system is just 0.15*, compared to the typical U-value of 1.2 of a modern double glazed window that’s typically used in a conservatory.


Adding a new, purpose-built sunroom

If your conservatory has seen better days and may not be suitable for a conversion, or you don’t have a conservatory at all, consider adding a brand new sunroom.

A sunroom is where your home’s interior and exterior meet. A room that’s so full of light, it feels like you’re outside.

Learn more about converting your conservatory into a sunroom.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help

If you are looking for guidance about where to invest in your home next, whether that’s the interior or the exterior, get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable home improvement experts. They will be happy to discuss the best way forward to help you improve your property.