Beautiful stained glass designs

The Design Studio is more than just a business to founder Myra Graham, a skilled stained glass designer.  Myra started the business in order to share the beautiful stained glass patterns she was creating with the world and saw it grow into a successful enterprise.

Incorporated into Esk’s business portfolio in 2005, the Design Studio continues to create a huge range of intricate stained glass patterns for Esk’s glazing products.  Whether to brighten up your home, place of work or as a gift for someone special, Myra will be able to come up with a stained glass design to suit your specifications.

Stained glass patterns – the Design Studio collection

Check out the following galleries for a flavour of the popular stained glass patterns that Myra creates.  Individual stained glass designs remain her speciality however, and she will be happy to discuss your requirements at length before commencing work.


Learn more about the work of this experienced stained glass artist.

Stained glass patterns and quality goods

Stained glass patterns from the Design Studio beautifully complement the high-quality glazing products from Esk which they adorn.  Prices are based on the size and complexity of the stained glass design.  We like to think of this product as being similar to soft furnishings utilised to enhance the beauty and personalisation of your home.

Discover how stained glass window overlay can brighten up your home.

We look forward to welcoming you to the studio where interesting projects are always underway and stunning stained glass patterns are constantly being created.  All Esk products are of the very highest quality and these stained glass designs are no different

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